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Power of our minds.

        Stop focusing on the things you don't like, or situations you don't want to happen. Being the terrible morning person that I am, I have the tendency to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, annoyed with the world as my groggy self stumbles around my room in search of something to put on that looks presentable. My mind filling with thoughts that are feeding off my current mood, "something bad is going to happen today, I can just feel it," those type of thoughts. Irritated from my alarm, God forbid doing its job, and going off so loudly in my ear, thinking about all the work I have to do, and rushing to make sure I get out of the house in time to actually get that load of work done. Which ever one of those things also pertains to you, and is the reason you find yourself having such negative thoughts in the AM, just stop. I have realized, if you start your day off assuming the worst, more likely then not, the worst will happen. Negativity is attracted to negativity… remember that. Allowing your mind to focus on those thoughts is only making it easier to find, hear, or see any type of situation unfavorably, and even the smallest of irritations will be amplified due to your preconceived notions. Plus, all of that worrying will not make any of the burdens you may end up facing, easier…instead, it will keep you from experiencing the joy that surrounds you. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but no amount of worrying will keep whatever is bound to happen, from happening… so enjoy the time in between.  
        So, as hard as this may seem, wake up with thoughts that lean towards a more optimistic outlook, tell yourself, "today is going to be the best day possible." Yeah, maybe it won't be the, "best day ever"… but as long as you start off thinking that way, you will find joy in the littlest of things. Your thoughts in the morning, pave the road for how the rest of your day will go.   
           And no, I am not saying that this should happen every morning… because I certainly know that sometimes, no matter how hard I try, when that alarm goes off in my ear at 7:30 AM, no amount of positivity can help. But day by day, work on it, and eventually you will see the large affect those early morning thoughts do have on the rest of your day, which will have you steering clear of all those uncertainties and focused on the positives.   
I was thinking about all of this earlier, before I even began typing it up on this blog. I am fascinated by how powerful our minds truly are. Watching the Red Sox play the Tigers in game 2 of the ALCS made me see that even more. Let me elaborate… I was originally cringing watching this game, I mean, the players were just not up to par. One by one, each player going up to bat, and one by one, each of them striking out. You could see them over-thinking each play, wanting so badly to get runs on the board, so they swung with all their might, rather then using accuracy and reason. As each player missed, you saw the next one getting that much more anxious, desperate to hit that ball out of the field. They would get inside their own heads, and psych themselves out. It is like a domino affect of their own mind. One by one, as the nerves consumed them, we watched their game get hit with the aftermath of those feelings. But once David Ortiz hit that grand slam, it was like a light shined through the dugout… and all of a sudden each player was hitting that much better, and we actually won the game. They were feeding off of this new found positivity. Who knows, maybe I am thinking to deep into this, but I was shocked seeing how the entirety of their game changed after Big Papi hit that grand slam… and then, the once put together Detroit Tigers saw this, they began crumbling apart.   
Maybe that is a stretch of a comparison since every day burdens and anxieties, don't quite line up with the ALCS, but for me, it solidified the magnitude of power our minds hold.