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Every Moment.

Sorry for the lack of updates as of late… I think most of us Bostonians can agree that our attention has been else where, you know.. because of the beautiful fall trees and changing weather. HA… who am I kidding? Its all about the damn Red Sox.
    But here I am, on Tuesday, finding myself confused on what I will being doing later on tonight since the Sox game won't be on… those selfish players taking travel time off and ruining MY night, how dare them! Anyway, this moment of solidarity had me reminiscing, which these moments usually do. I was thinking about times not long ago, and some times long enough ago, that the memories aren't so clear. As each one of these memories made me smile, the realization dawned on me, these moments meant nothing while I was in them. Each one of them, at the time, seemed like nothing out of the ordinary, and held no significance, yet here I was, flashing them inside of my skull like a preview to a new movie. This sort of sounds like incoherent rambling, like the page in my journal with run ons, and sentences that barely make sense… but I swear I have a point…I think.
    My mind brought me right back to the first game of the 2013 World Series. I didn't think back to any particular moment or interaction, nothing of that sort is what made this moment stick out. So why was I flashing back to this time you may ask? Well it all has to do with the way that moment made me feel, happy. I know you are waiting to hear something exciting, but I am sorry to let you down- that just isn't the case. "OK MacKenzie, then why am I reading this?" I know thats what you are thinking, so I will elaborate.
     For the first game, I was just sitting at a pub with my mom in her old home town, NOTHING exceptional was happening. We were Watching the Red Sox, "Ah's" and "Oh's" echoed in unison throughout the bar. Watching my mom scream "he sucks! trade him!" every time our players missed a ball. I would roll my eyes as that same player would come back up to bat and make a great hit, "I'VE ALWAYS LOVED HIM," she'd scream again… totally contradicting her previous statement. Everyone else who occupied the bar, strangers that I felt like I had known for quite some time, high-fiving one another as the scores flashed on the screen. That was it. That was the moment.
    Only after the fact, only at this very second, did I realize how happy I was at the bar. I wish I had known during that time, how enjoyable it really was. I wish I had taken pictures of my moms smile as she watched Papi hit another homer. I wish I HADN'T brought out my phone to read my twitter news feed, or to text one of my friends. But what I wish most of all? I wish I lived in the moment. I wish I had yelled at each player with my mom, and had not gotten so annoyed instead. I wish I had made more small talk with the strangers around the room that were watching the game so passionately. It hit me, I just wish I didn't have to look back now to realize all that I am realizing at this very second. Every moment, big or small, can make an impact on your life. I don't need to meet a celebrity, get a call from a publisher, or get a new car, to form the memories that pop up in my head each time I let my mind wander. BIG things don't need to happen to make a moment memorable. So my point of this all, and please take it to heart, stop overlooking small moments. Stop bypassing all of the beauty these moments can bring. Relish them all. One day you will look back at them, and you don't want to have any regrets. Most of the important memories in life you will soon see, are made from small "meaningless" moments with the people you love.