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Passing time.

       I was assigned a project within the first week of class. This particular project... I dreaded immediately after hearing the guidelines. It was to talk about your family/family history in detail. You would have to share it with your classmates on the date it was due. I could feel my heart skip a few beats upon hearing this. How would I ever explain my family? and how could I do it without sucking the air out of the entire room? I mean my family's story is certainly not the happiest family story around... but instead of thinking about worst case-scenerios (what people would think etc) I jumped into it with all honesty. Whats the point of sugar coating a life story that can't be sugar coated. I am proud of the work I did, and actually enjoyed looking deeper into my families background. We have a bureau full of old news paper clippings that talked about my sisters, parents and even me. Reading them was pretty amazing. I thought I would share some of the older ones on here.