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      Ashley's year is approaching. I can feel that date just daunting me. I have so many different emotions consuming me when I look back on the past year. One thing in particular is my realization about how precious time really is, and how fast it goes by. I remember hearing the expression "time flies" constantly growing up, but only do I now truly understand, after being hit with a tragedy, the meaning behind that saying. How has it been a year since my family and I stood around Ashley's hospital bed, holding onto her lifeless hand as our eyes filled with tears, barely being able to form our last good-bye's. It's surreal. Its terrifying, actually. I want to take this moment to just express my love and admiration for Ashley. She taught me to love, and showed me how to view the world with a positive outlook. I am who I am because of her, and although I am far from perfect, I am proud of the person I have become. I will forever live my life in honor of her.

    The date of her passing is Friday June 14, but there will be a memorial mass  (they will only mention Ashley) at St. Augustine's on Sunday June 16th at 11AM, and following will be a gathering at my relatives house for close family, and friends, to celebrate Ashley's life.

     As for my final meeting with the social worker for the kidney transplant- it went GREAT. I left the meeting feeling positive. They will bring up our story to the committee tomorrow, and hopefully we will get a call soon after that the transplant is happening. When they call, they will literally say... "The transplant is set for (the date)... be at Mass General at (the time.)" They are pretty nonchalant about it. Which actually makes me feel comfortable, seeing how confident they are.

     In other news, I was contacted by a publishing company in Jordan who does educational books for school children. The woman who contacted me, wants to write an article about me in one of her educational books "Move Up 3." (the third book of the series) The purpose of the article is to bring light to organ donation in Jordan. Organ donation is not something very familiar to the people of Jordan, and her hopes are that my story will be able to bring knowledge, and express the importance of organ donation. I am honored to be a part of this, and hope that my story does help change the thought of organ donation over there.

Breathe easy,


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