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     Hello All! Long time no TALK. Wow. I am so sorry about the lack of updates...but I have been focusing on school, and writing my book! 
     I just finished up school for the semester...and am about to make the journey back to Boston. I am so excited to get back to my family and friends. I have missed them all terribly. I will be taking classes this summer, and will also be working at Pike from July to August. 

     As I sit in this quaint little coffee shop in Auburn, the topic of time continues to present itself.  How fast it goes by, and how in the blink of an eye everything has changed. I never realized how fast everything moves until I faced the death of my sister. It has almost been a year since her passing? May 20th of 2012 I got the frightening call from my mother that forever changed my life, the one that informed me things had gone down hill and I needed to get to Cleveland right away. How had it been a year from then? It boggles my mind. I guess the point of this post is purely motivational.. which is how I see many of my posts, and I hope you all do as well. If you are currently reading this, and are going through a difficult time... sit back and relax. No matter how hard the moment may be for you.. in a year your whole world will be different. Now I understand that, that could potentially mean things could get much worse, but I like to see the glass half full, and I see it as... next year things could be life changing. You could meet the love of your life, get the job you always dreamt of, or, in the tinier spectrum of things.. just find yourself feeling content. I promise you things get better. They always get better. My life is no where near perfect. I still struggle on a daily basis with the death of Ashley. I get sad, angry, I lose faith. I am not saying this because I expect you to just get over whatever it is you are facing and  be happy, I am just letting you know that things will get better. Look back a year ago, how much has changed? SO next time you get down... think about how in a year things will be radically different.

      Update on the KIDNEY transplant... which I know everyone has been asking/wondering about... well I just want to let you know I am sort of in the dark with this also. I know they wanted Lindsey to get stronger (which she has, and her numbers have gotten much better) but they also wanted me to get through a semester at school and not have to take off again...which I am so thankful for. Other then that, I am pretty sure the transplant will be happening once I get home. I have the whole month of June pretty open, and I talked to my kidney worker the other day, she is part of my team (my sister and I both have separate kidney teams to keep from conflict of interest) and she said I will be put before the committee the week I get back to Boston... they ultimately decide when/if this transplant will happen. I made sure to Ask her "NO MORE TESTS...RIGHT?!?!" and she reassured me testing is DONE. Haha. So with that said, everyone PRAYERS/THOUGHTS are welcome during this time! This process has been so long and frustrating, and I would love the get it done and get Lindsey healthy. 

     As for my book! Well I have quite exciting news with that! I finished it! My first novel done! I think that is a pretty big accomplishment, and never thought I would see the day. I initially thought that no one would be interested in my book, and it would just be a document saved to my computer...but it seems I was wrong. I have already been contacted by a few literary agents that are interested in my manuscript... It was one of the most amazing feelings in the world to get these emails/phonecalls. They see potential in my story being published. I can't express how amazing it feels. They are interested in MY work!? Wow. I haven't made any final decisions yet/ and have put my mother on as my roll as manager (or a Kim K would say momager) I will let everyone know as things progress with that when I know more. It is scary as well as exciting... this book is so personal, and lets everyone into my world... the good and the bad aspects. I don't think anyone can prepare themselves for that. I just hope people actually read it/ find it interesting. Who knows, it could be a total flop.. 

      Anyway, now that things are calming down in my world, and are a tad bit let stressful.. I can keep everyone updated! I have a few exciting things happening that I can share with you all soon. So keep checking back here... Thanks for still reading even though I went on a long hiatus! Love you all. 

breathe easy,