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Stay strong, and Carry on.

      I have had a lot of people wonder how I keep my head held high after everything that has gone on in my life. Trust me... there have been many times where I wanted to curl up in a ball, cry, and never leave my bed, but I always made the conscious decision to never allow myself to make that thought a reality. There are days where I will sit down and analyze my 'situation', and thats when I realize how easy it would have been for me to go down an entirely different path then I did. How did I keep myself from going down that path? I've always said to myself... if I went upstairs, shut the lights off, crawled into bed and cried for hours, 'how would that help my situation? How would that make me happy? or take away anything that has happened?' IT WOULDN'T. Yes, maybe it would make you feel better for an hour or so, but then you go right back to where you started. I could have just allowed the emotions of what happened to me, control my life, and consume my every thought. I would be an angry, miserable person, but I didn't want that. I thought to myself... 'I had seen some tough hardships, and now I am ready to see the other side.' I feel if you take the difficult times that life hands you, and use them as a motivator... then you are set. Make those difficult moments push you. Thrive from them. Trust me... I have had my fair share of moments that I didn't listen to my own advice, but after Ashley's passing... I swore to myself that this hardship wouldn't break me. That I would take my problems, and grow from them, and make Ashley proud. Seems cliche, but it is the truth. If you listen to many famous public figures, whether it be an artist, singer, writer... many of them had gone through rock bottom, but with perseverance they are the ones now on your television set, writing the books you are reading, saving peoples lives...It is just all about how you handle life. I leave you with this thought... I have seen life taken from this earth far to early, and it made me realize how I need to appreciate every single day that I am alive. I need to appreciate everything that makes me smile, and do things that I want to do without thinking of every excuse in the book about why I shouldn't  (unless of course they are illegal things...then you probably shouldn't do them ;) )

Breathe Easy,