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     Hello everyone! Just a quick update here-
While I was in Alabama, Charity Tilleman Dick, a wonderful opera singer, sent me a message that she would be posting an article on about her and Ashley's story- focusing on the importance of organ donation. Both of their stories have large similarities. It was a rather difficult story for me to read... but it was also incredibly touching, and full of important information that I believe should be shared. The link to the story is here-

      Also here is a quick story... I don't know if it is an actual sign from Ashley or not, but I like to believe that it can skip reading this if you don't believe in stuff like this!

As many of you know... purple is 'Ashley's color' and what I mean by that is... the color that represents CF is purple, and when we did Ashley's benefit we included the color purple in many aspects, the 'breathe easy for Ashley' bracelets were purple, for her funeral/wake we included the color purple when it came to the necklaces and ribbons... I wore a purple dress for her funeral/wake... it is just a color I will forever connect Ashley with.

       When I went down to Alabama, my sweet boyfriend picked me up shampoo, conditioner, body wash, disposable razors etc because I didn't want to have to bring all of that with me on my travels. One morning I was in the shower, and I picked up the pink package of disposable razors... I ripped it open, and pulled out the first one my hand touched...when I looked at it, it was purple. I was confused... maybe it was a mixed package of purple and pink...but I looked at the package again, and it was bright pink, and then I looked at the other three razors...and they were all pink. I suddenly felt an overwhelming feeling come across me. A feeling that assured me it was a sign from her. I can't explain it.. it was a feeling I had never had before. Who knows. I know many people are skeptics about stuff like this, but I thought I would share is a picture!

    Now about the kidney transplant- it is still a waiting situation as of now. Lindsey just got out of the hospital from an infection, and they are wanting her to gain some more weight, clear this infection up completely, and try to gain a little more strength before the operation happens. The doctors were concerned with how weak she was, and didn't believe she would come out the other side if they had done the transplant when her health was that poor. So she is working on getting as healthier as possible!

    I am still writing my book, and have been in contact with an amazing author who has told me "to push along and finish this book MacKenzie, because this has so much potential." Which assured me that I need to finish. Although it gets difficult at times... I am still pushing through it. I didn't get many comments about the I don't know if people want me to continue posting passages or not?  

OH and it is election day- the polls here don't close until 8PM- GO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok thank you for reading everyone,
breathe easy.