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The Never Ever.

The NEVER, EVER aspect,

It has been incredibly hard for me to completely grasp the fact that Ashley is gone.  It is so hard for me to comprehend. See, Ashley has always been my best friend... we had such a close relationship- if I needed anything I knew, without a doubt, that Ashley would be there. She wouldn't even hesitate for a second. It was so comforting knowing that I had someone in my life who would throw everything, and anything, down if I was in need. Even being away in Auburn...she continuously helped me (even skyping until 5 in the morning, while on oxygen, helping me with my math homework.) So for me to say she is gone...that is the most difficult part of this. The fact that I will NEVER, EVER see her again. She won't be the bridesmaid at my wedding? How does one cope with that? When she first passed away... I couldn't come to terms with it, (I still don't think I have 100%) but I would just tell myself... "i'll see her tomorrow..." and when tomorrow would come, I would just keep saying. "I will see her tomorrow." It seemed like the only way I could get through a day without her... I don't know if any of my readers have lost someone near and dear to them, but if you have, how did you cope knowing you would never see them again in this lifetime? 

Breathe Easy,