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First Ash-la-BASH

      Ashley, being the amazing, inspiring and courageous woman she was... continues to impact many peoples daily lives. She was one of the kindest people I had ever known, and there is not a day that goes by I don't think about her. I wish everyday that she was still physically with me, and unfortunately that isn't the case. Her birthday was yesterday, Oct 2nd, and my cousins and I decided to throw her a 'party.' My cousin Lauren gave it the name 'Ash-la-BASH' not only does it fit perfectly, but it was also Ashley's nickname as she was growing up. We had this gathering at my cousin Lauren, and her husband Jeff's , apartment. We invited Ashley's closest friends, and we baked all sorts of treats that Ashley loved. I am a terrible baker (as was Ashley so I guess it fit) but I attempted to make cookies, and I put every type of pink frosting, sprinkles, sugar crystals, on each cookie. Ashley was such a girly, girl, and she absolutely loved ANYTHING that was obnoxiously pink. Her friends made her some of their homemade desserts that she loved... and overall it was such an amazing time. We reminisced on memories with Ashley, we laughed, cried, and we just knew that she was in the room with us enjoying the get together as much as we were. We also ate everything we possible could- because we knew that was what Ashley would have wanted... she had an unimaginably LARGE appetite, and I am NOT exaggerating. When she was in Cleveland she went to a steak restaurant, and ordered the largest piece of steak on the menu... (and remember she was on oxygen at this point) and she ate every last bit of the steak- the chef himself had to come out and see it with his own eyes to believe it.... he was in AWE that this little 4'11 80lb girl was able to eat that massive steak. SO last night everyone had to put their diets aside and try (unsuccessfully) to have an appetite like Ashley's.

Side note- the night before Ashley's birthday, my mother and I ordered sushi... we usually both pick out of the bag at the end and take one fortune cookie and read the fortune (which is usually something silly) when my mom picked out her fortune and cracked open the cookie to read what was on the inside..she was taken back... this is what it said 

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