Family Fanatics.

Thursday, July 31, 2014


       Whether I am looking for an Auburn jersey, red sox t-shirt, or I am looking to go green with a Celtics shirt, I always know to head straight to Fanatics.Com. Fanatics is the leading online retailer of officially licensed sports merchandise, so I always know I am going to get the very best! Fanatics.Com coined a term, “Family Fanatics,” which focuses on sports bringing families together- and right when I saw that, I was flooded with memories of my own family being brought together with sports! 
         As most of you know, I’ve always been a huge sports fan, you know, that obnoxious fan who goes to another rival city- rocking all your teams gear, yeah... that’s me. Hey, I am from Boston, what did you expect? We thrive off of getting under people’s skin. I usually surprise people when I throw out my knowledge on pro sports, most people tend to underestimate a females sports knowledge- but get me talking about basketball and I could go on for hours (I am a die hard Cs fan no matter how deep they are in a rebuilding phase). I mean seriously, I am from Boston- so that in itself is enough of an explanation as to why I am such a sports fan. We have the greatest sports history, along with some of the greatest teams and greatest players around. I remember seeing an ESPN cover once, referring to Boston as title town…because championships don’t lie. “Just like clock work, the sports world always comes back and centers around Boston.
         My mom grew up in the Larry Bird era, most people tell me how alike my mother and I are, and I always disagree. But sitting at the bar while watching the Celtics play- both of us uttering out sighs and screams as the players miss a rebound, or get a perfect three point shot, sort of scares me… and makes me realize…yup, that will be me in the future. And eventually, due to all of our ranting and raving, our love for basketball was shared amoung all of our other family members. 
       When my sister Ashley was sick in Cleveland waiting for her second double lung transplant, it was a prime time for the Celtics. I was in Auburn Alabama for school, but Ash and I would Skype during every game… the big three were rocking it, proving every doubter that age didn’t negatively affect their skills. Every day I would Skype her, I would see a new jersey hanging on her hospital window, she would go on, order a shirt supporting one of the prime players- hoping to fill her entire glass window with green. She didn’t know much about basketball- but she loved me so much and that in turn, made her love the Celtics. 
       It was the Eastern Conference first round, and the Cs were playing the Hawks. I realized that Atlanta was only an hour and a half away from Auburn, but going to one of these games didn’t cross my mind at all. I went about my day as I normally would have… went to class, went to the gym, but as soon as I was about to head inside the gym... I got a call from Ash. She excitedly told me to check my email, and then immediately after, check my mailbox. I was confused, yet very intrigued. So I of course skipped the gym (because any reason to skip the gym is a good reason), and went to the mailbox to check what was inside. When I opened it up… there was a package! I was excited, I never got packages- I thought maybe it was full of my favorite snacks… but once I opened it, all that was inside was a Celtics Jersey! I wasn’t complaining, of course- but again, I was a tad confused. I then checked my e-mail, there it was, the first email that caught my eye- she bought me two tickets to the game in ATL. I screamed, like really, really loud. And everyone at Philips Arena in ATL wanted me dead.  
A few weeks later, when it came to the playoffs vs the Heat, I got a call that Ashley crashed and wasn’t doing so well. I flew down to Cleveland to be by her side. I walked into her hospital room (she was sedated) and saw all of the jerseys hanging on the wall. It was a shrine. We made it a point, no matter how tense and hard the times got with Ashley’s health... when the Celtics were on, we would all watch. It brought us together, it made us forget about the pain that was in front of us. 
         Ashley passed away on June 14 2012, but her memory lives on within all of us. I have kept every single one of her jerseys from, and continue to watch most games with my family...we laugh, scream, sigh, and know that Ashley is there watching with us. 

Inspired and Uninspired.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Another month, another Inspired and Uninspired! I keep forgetting to do these because the months are going by way to0 fast- slow down Summer... so here is my June/July list!


1// During the Summer nights  you can usually find me sitting on a nice restaurant patio, while ordering some fruity cocktails with my friends. My go-to drink of choice is usually sangria. The other day I was craving it, but I wasn't at a restaurant I was sitting on my back deck. I thought, hey I should try making some sangria- but then I remembered I am incredibly lazy... so I found SeƱor Sangria at the liquor store instead, and although it is so sweet that you fear you may get diabetes... its delicious! I go with the white.

2// Ed Sheeran's song, 'Don't.' I can't even (I sound like a typical girl- literally, I can't even, i'm dead), this is such a good song. I have never been a huge fan of his, but I found this song and I am now in love

3// I feel like I am always getting new notebooks- but come on, look at this incredibly inappropriate notebook I just got. YUP. perfect. I can't really bring it out much, but still its awesome. 

4// MARSHALLS. Need I say more? I feel like Marshall's is such a hit to miss, and it has been a consistent hit for me as of late. And I love when people ask me where I got some of the things I wearing- they are usually shocked when I say Marshall's. 

5// The bachelorette. I mean, what's better than a ridiculous reality television show? Okay, a lot of things... but it is definitely up there on the list of awesome things. 

6// The quote speaks for itself- when I get busy, I tend to forget to put as much effort into time spent with family and friends. I am moving on August 1st, so its important to make sure I spend as much time with family before I go... cause you know, my mom is a bit clingy (and freaking out... jk, love ya).



1// Slow drivers. REALLY DOE... I can't deal with it. I have places to be, people to see, MOVE

2// That shirt, ahhhh. I have actually called some kid out who had it on recently, and thats what made me realize how much I needed to add this into my monthly inspired and uninspired. UGH. 

3// So that takes me to my next uninspired this month, which is Boys. Haha, youuu know... boy drama.... Its shown its face this month- so it had to be added here. 

4// The fact that when I walk outside some days I feel like I am hitting a wall of humidity. I die. I sweat. I smell. My hair is stuck to my face. I HATE IT... but watch me complain about the cold in a few months, #sorrynotsorry (do hashtags even work on here?)

5// So I just got the Gold 5s because Gold.. and I previously had the 5 and then 5C (don't ask its hard for me to even be reminded of that) and the battery life one those were great... but here I am with the 5S and I can't keep it charged for the life of me... and I mean, it will be at 100% at midnight, I will go to bed- if I forget to plug it in, it will be dead by the AM. It. Drives. Me. Crazy. 

So these have been my monthly inspired and uninspired- Let me know if you have any of the same- or if you have done some of your monthly favorites!! I would love to check it out. 

Inside look 5.

Monday, July 14, 2014

         And this has been my face for the last week and a half- I am exhausted....I have been working from 7 to 5 everyday, while still running social media for CoGifter.Com... Oh, um... and some big news on the book front- but for now, I will let y'alls minds wander about what that news could be! Soon I can unleash all the big updates so don't you worry. This Summer has been filled with completely amazing opportunities/experiences, and I couldn't be more excited with where my life is going! 
      But anyway, I thought I would use this post to show you all another piece of my book, I thought it made sense to do so after the exciting news that just happened recently (yes I am going to kill you with suspense).. here are the entries I have already posted if you would like to check them out first! First ExcerptSecond ExcerptThird Excerpt, and Fourth Excerpt.

(click to enlarge

Fourth of July Festivities.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

     So, surprise surprise- I didn't vlog my weekend! I am sorry, I know people have been asking for me to get back into vlogging... and I want to... It is just a matter of me remembering to do so. So I will update you with a little less exciting of a post... a picture post of me weekend. 
     First of all, before I get into my weekend I need to take the time to exaggerate the importance of my friendships, without the relationships I have formed... I would be NO WHERE near as strong as I am. I found some amazing people to fill my life, and no amount of praise can express how truly grateful I am to have them... I am hardly a cheesy person, but my obsession with my friends deserves the most gourmet of cheeses with the most expensive of wines. 

      Now let's get onto the post! I went to one of my dearest friends house in Chatham, from Thursday night all the way until Sunday evening (I had to force myself to leave because the reality of it was that I wanted to NEVER leave). It was such a relaxing, yet exciting weekend. 
     We all gathered in the living room area as each one of us trickled in the doorway at about 11:30PM Thursday night. We opened a bottle of wine, and talked and talked and talked. We had a lot of catching up to do. Some of us where coming in from NY, some from CA, so all of us being together hadn't happened in awhile- therefore the talking went on until about 330AM

       We woke up at about 10AM on the 4th, and were met with less than stellar weather. It was cloudy, yet incredibly humid- so we decided to put on our bathing suits and still go out to the pool- but of course had to take a slew of pictures beforehand. My friends and I love pictures, there is nothing better than having these memories to look back on. We actually dressed festive for the pictures! 

         After that, well we of course decided that 12PM was the perfect time to make frozen margaritas. All natural/organic made frozen margaritas... that were dangerously fabulous. We took them out by the pool, made a few (like six more batches, woops) and again, enjoyed each others company! As cloudy as it was- it still wasn't raining so we lucked out. 

And due to the margaritas, we ended up taking even more pictures....

      By night fall, we decided shower and get all dressed up... thinking we were going to be hitting up some bars in downtown Chatham after we ate our (amazzzzzzzzing) dinner. Our friends parents grilled us up some mouth watering chicken and steak, along with salad and other great side dishes. We looked like we hadn't eaten in years- and couldn't get enough of the food

       After stuffing ourselves to the brim, we realized that it was torrential downpours outside. I mean torrential. Along with lighting, thunder, and winds that would whip little old me through the air. Arthur really wanted to make it clear he was still around no matter how calm it seemed earlier in the day. But alas, nothing stops us from going out.... so we hoped in the car, and I drove us all to downtown..... where we were met with a completely shutdown bar and well, every other store/ and restaurant as well. So we hopped back in the car and drove back to the house.... when we opened the door we were met with a complete power outage. Initially we were upset that we weren't able to go out, and that our fourth hadn't been super eventful- but then we realized we were all together, having an amazing time... we shouldn't let a silly power outage change that. Instead, we poured some more glasses of wine and played charades for a record of 3 hours. I had never laughed so hysterically in my entire life.

      We eventually went to bed (had to be around 4AM) and woke up to some brighter weather! We were ecstatic! Finally we could get some sun. We sat outside for a bit, then decided to hit the beach! (stopping at the liquor store first, OF COURSE). We sat out at the beach for a few hours, soaking up as much sun as humanly possible since we got none on the fourth.  

After the beach we headed back to the house, and sat by the pool...taking (I am sure you guessed it) more pictures!

     We later ordered some Sushi, then got ready to ACTUALLY go out for the night. 
We headed to the bar called 'Squire' in the center of Chatham. It is one of the only bars in the town, and therefore it was packed! We had a few drinks, chatted, danced and of course, took a million pictures... (I literally take pictures at every occasion possible).  Eventually the lights came on (the bars there close at 1AM...can you believe that!) so we were outtttta there! Headed back to the house, munched on some hummus and pita chips- and headed to bed.

       Two of the people that were there were heading back to NY Sunday morning so they planned to get up early, another one had a birthday event to get too, but me, I planned to sleep in a bit... I was in no rush to get back! I did however plan to leave by afternoon time to avoid some traffic and get home at a reasonable hour... but friend time/boat time and margarita time pushed my departure back until 6pm!

I had an absolutely amazing weekend. I almost opted out of going because I have been so stressed with all thats going on in my life, but like I always say- YOU are never going to remember the nights you stayed in because you were tired or stressed... you will always, always remember the memories you make when you spend time with the people you love. Grab every single opportunity given to you, try to say yes to every invitation for at least two weeks... you won't regret it, but you may regret saying no. 

Everyone hates selfies?

Thursday, July 3, 2014


        Well I don't! I take them here or there. I post the ones I like, and trash the ones I don't. I turn my front camera on, do a little smirk (because I don't smile) and snap a picture of myself- yes, my self.. why? Because I put effort into my appearance that day and I thought I looked damn good, so the real question is, why the hell not? I don't really get why people think selfies are so bad... we live in a society where thinking you look good is considered conceited, and yet calling yourself ugly is asking for attention... well hell with society... I am going to post selfies until I am old and wrinkled (and even then I may continue, jazzing up my walker, finding the perfect filter to make it look fab) can you imagine instagram in 30 years? Okay, side tracked. Plus, I grew up never being 100% comfortable in my own skin, and I still struggle with my appearance here or there, so if I have a day where I am feeling beautiful- I am going to hang onto it! Anyway, that was my quick (probably annoying), selfie rant for the day! 
    I also just modeled some handbags for the company Angela and Roi, and all of y'all need to check them out- they have beautiful pieces, and they also support such amazing causes- which you all know stuff like that is near and dear to my heart! (they sent me a sample picture of me modeling one of the bags, below... I can't wait to see them all!!) 

      I have been so busy with school, CoGifter.Com (the startup company I work for... we launch soon, but until then- I would love for you all to go follow all of CoGifter's social media accounts...,Twitter,Instagram) Other writing/blogging/book work is also keeping me quite busy (and stressed)....  and LAST, but of course not least... I start working at a camp for the whole month of July, on Monday! So, in short, life is crazy right now. But I am keeping my blog as one of my main priorities, and trying my hardest to keep it updated! 

      I am going down to Chatham for Fourth of July festivities this weekend- and I can only imagine how insane it is going to be with all of my best friends in one house- despite the weather we are suppose to get, we will make it fun! I am definitely going to try and vlog the weekend, if not expect a picture update!

Like A Girl

Sunday, June 29, 2014



      I have never given my strength a label, I have never given my appreciation for my own gender a title.. but after sticking up for my own beliefs in a recent discussion, I was given the title of an "angry feminist.” I paused, and let it sink in for a second. I hadn’t said anything rude, I hadn’t shouted, I simply stated facts- why was I being called an angry feminist? So I replied, “well, maybe I am a feminist, but I am certainly not angry about it…” To which this person went off on a tangent…“You actually call yourself a feminist??? YOU MUST HATE MEN!!”… Yeah.. that is it, I mean disregard the fact that I was sitting at lunch with the opposite sex during that moment? Interesting that when females call themselves feminists, they immediately get told they MUST HATE men, but when a man assaults a woman or goes on a killing spree targeted at just females, he is simply “mentally unwell" and it has nothing to do with him hating the female gender as a whole. Then the tangent continued, “YOU CALL YOURSELF A FEMINIST? SO you don’t shave your legs?” Yup, for sure.. super hairy, because that is exactly what sticking up for my own gender comes down to. “But I am a man that doesnt treat women that way.” Ok? would you like me to applaud? I wasn’t aware that I needed to praise someone who treats another person with decency. I wasn’t aware that I should give you a cookie because you DON’T rape/assault/ or degrade women? I am sorry that you feel the need to turn the tables around to say “WELL NOT ALL MEN” because the discussion of what millions of women deal with, makes you uncomfortable. Alright, I am being harsh, but if I have to hear one more “I don’t treat women that way” come out of another guys mouth, all the while sporting his favorite “make me a sandwich” t-shirt… I may scream. And trust me, I know this isn’t all men, but why is that even becoming a discussion? No one is saying all men… we are simply saying there is a larger problem at bay… one that needs to be addressed. 
         Somewhere, between all of the cold hard facts, people seem to think I have became  a cold hard feminist. After reading statistics… after seeing the degradation of women, I definitely did fall that much more protective of my own gender. I became that much more confident in my own intelligence, in my own strength, so much so that I will never allow someone to speak down to me because of it, but I am not angry. 
          Think about this, 3,073 people killed in terror attacks in the US, 2,002 US troops killed in Afghanistan, 4,486 US troops killed in Iraq (bless all of them, always in my thoughts… troops are the absolute strongest people I have ever encountered, and I never want their heroism to be downplayed) and, 11,766 American women killed by their husbands or boyfriends…(figures from 2001 to 2012) more than the above categories combined- that is a problem. So no, feminism isn’t about hating men… although it becomes hard not fear them when you read the above statistics, feminism isn’t about not shaving… because that is just well, ridiculous. Feminism is about something much more than that. Its about the fact that I shouldn’t have received pepper spray as a freshman going off to college… its about the fact that I shouldn’t ever hear what I should do to AVOID getting raped, no, instead… we should be teaching people NOT to rape. I shouldn’t have to wonder… “should I walk alone through campus… is my outfit to risky?” And I should never be told, “well if you dress like that you are asking for it..” I am not sorry if what I am wearing affects someone in such a strong way they can’t control themselves. I AM NEVER ASKING FOR IT, NO FEMALE IS EVER ASKING FOR IT. It is simple, I just believe in social, political and economic equality of the sexes… so therefore, I am a feminist. Maybe you have a different definition- but that is mine. 
I love men, some of my best friends are men, I’ve dated wonderful men, but I am still a feminist
I shave my legs, as my choice, I wear high heels to show them off, and guess what… I am still a feminist. 
And if you haven’t watched this yet… do so,… because “like a girl” should never be an insult.
      I watched my sister fight for her life, and then I watched as she lost the battle and the life drifted from her eyes... I donated a kidney to my other sister after watching her sit on dialysis three times a week, fighting once again, for her life.. then a week later I started classes again to make sure I stayed on track in school. I have found the light at the end of the tunnel, and have remained as strong as humanly possible despite the factors against me... so if that's what it means to do something "like a girl" then I am damn proud to be a girl. 


Tuesday, June 24, 2014


     I saw a few bloggers do a post on their currents… meaning, what you are currently cooking/watching.. just in general, what you are currently doing in life, and well, I thought this would be a great way to take a break from my more emotional last few posts I have made. So here we gooooooo

Cooking: OFF TO A BAD START… I don’t cook… yeah come and wife me up guys. But really, I should learn. I am however currently eating some hummus and pita chips while watching (ten episodes) of my favorite show, so there is that. The next button is cruel.

Watching: Jonah from Tonga…. its an Australian based show. If none of you have watched Summer Heights High, or Ja’mie: private school girl- GO DO IT NOW, you will not stop laughing once... like you may pee your pants from laughing hysterically.

Planning: Just some upcoming blog posts, summer trips, work for CoGifter.Com (can’t wait to share more about that with y’all) but I am also a bad planner, so I am actually...currently sitting here stuffing my face with hummus, watching a movie and writing this- planning is like the furthest thing from my mind. 

Reading: I am still stuck on the Hunger Games books- I am SORRY mom!! I try to read as much as possible (so barely) but life gets busy


Wearing: Celtics boxers and a t-shirt, because even though I am posting this Tuesday afternoon… I am writing it Monday night… so picture this…I am stuffing my face with hummus because I can’t cook, so this will suffice as dinner, watching a movie, not reading any books, and planning nothing… so if that doesn’t make you want to date me… reevaluate your life.