I watch too much TV?

Monday, August 17, 2015


      I have never been a TV watcher... I could sit on my computer all day and night, but sitting in front of a TV was a different story. Growing up I never even had a TV in my room- I could have, I just didn't see the point. If I wanted to watch something I would watch it on my computer (usually by finding illegal links that caused a million in one popups- BUT STilll Bettter than TV am i Rite?) Buttttt, Adam has now taught me that I can now just click the playstation button and wah-la- access to our Hulu Plus account, Netflix and Amazon Prime. So now, every day after work I grab a glass of wine and switch on the TV. 
      Due to this I have become a series queen. I can go through a TV series in a matter of weeks- skillz. I thought I would let you know some of the series I have been loving if you are interested in looking for a new show- (Also let me know what shows I should look into... I think Bloodline will be my next??)

Orange is the New Black- Ok, I remember hearing about this... and seeing statuses about this show EVERYWHERE. I mean, I couldn't log into any of my social accounts with out hearing "TASTEE IS HILARIOUS..." "PENSATUCKY!!" I never cared to even watch it... but as I was scrolling through my Netflix account and saw it, I thought I'd give it a shot... and I caught up to the current season within two weeks. But now I have to wait for the new season to come out which is suppose to be in the Summer of 2016 :( :( :(. But anyway, if you are looking for an intriguing, raunchy, funny, dramatic show- definitely watch this one. 
House of Cards- Here is another one that I avoided even though I was constantly hearing about it. I just didn't want to watch a show about politics since that is all I ever heard about in the news and on my social accounts..(you know those people who are always blasting their political views even though no one asked). But then my love for Kevin Spacey took over... I have always had the BIGGEST crush on him, obsessed really. Speaking of Kevin Spacey, he was walking next to me at this years Boston Marathon.. and I noticed him and literally froze- I was stuttering, Adam was behind me and said "What the hell is wrong with you?" Because he didn't realize who it was. I then reached out to him to grab him, quickly stopping myself because thats not appropriate, and just like that, he put his head phones in and began to run. I gave Adam attitude the rest of the day/also cried/ because I was depressed that the love of my life had ran past me and I couldn't even muster a word. Okay, but now back to HOC, its so good and Frank Underwood is so bad ass. I feel like him in Claire are the modern day Bonnie and Clyde. 
UnBREAKable Kimmy Schmidt- Such a goofy show, but it makes me laugh. There is only one season on Netflix so you know it only took me a day to catch up with. 

Okay and now my other obsession with Netflix- Watching the most obscure/shitty rated movies. I love, love watching like 1 star scary movies about puppets taking over and becoming murderers, clown movies- and I am not talking 'IT' I am talking like horribly made clown movies, kids taking over towns because they are possessed... this is all making me sound like I am crazy- but these movies are hiiii-larious. 

And then I keep up with the shows that I am watching in real time via Hulu Plus. Pretty little liars- huggggge let down. And come on, how are you continuing with this show? SIX YEARS and it was *SPOILER**** CEECEE?????? 
Bachelor in Paradise- LOL. Adam loves this show too, sorry boo!
Law and Order SVU- They are on a hiatus now, but can you believe that I have completely caught up with this show... it is either sad or talented... (sad.) 
Bobs Burgers- Definitely one of Adam and I's favorite shows. It is absolutely hilarious. 

And then I use Amazon to watch movies that have just be released to DVD. I just watched 'Get Hard' with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart- So funny! I had low expectations for this, but was pleasantly surprised. Such an unexpected duo that worked so well together. 

Boycotting uber!!

Monday, July 13, 2015


       I have had my fair share of frustrations with Uber. I get the convenience of it, and it is usually a dollar or two cheaper than your normal taxi...  plus not having to tip, glorious. Wonderful... Except not. 
      Okay prior to this weekend, Uber has always been a hate-love with me. I have never had an Uber ride just show up without having to call and say "WHERE ARE YOU? THE PIN TOLD ME YOU WERE HERE." ... "Well sir or madam, I am not there I am here...." 20 minutes passes, and they finally show up- meanwhile I have seen about ten taxis race by.
I can deal with that, I can deal with people getting lost and not finding my location right away. But this weekend just made me despise Uber. 
       So, my job gave me tickets to the Red Sox- Yankee's game. Which was awesome because I love the Sox (sad season) and Adam is a big Yankees fan (always sad). I had to meet someone on the sales team at Fenway before the game, so I called for an Uber earlier so that I could get to the park early (duh). 
        First of all, at one hand it said "1 minute away" then 2 minutes passed and it is now "5 minutes away.." So, Adam and I sat outside our apt waiting...and I looked down and got notified "Driver cancelled ride." No call, nothing, just cancelled. "Whatever, I will just order another..." The next one comes, I get in, and while we are driving I get an e-mail "cancellation fee $10.00." WHAT! I didn't go on the ride, nor did I cancel it.. how am I being charged for 10 dollars? I immediately contacted uber support and told them... they gave me some speal about "if the ride is cancelled when they are within a proixmity of you then you get charged" OKAY UBER, you need some new technology that will tell you who was the one that cancelled the ride. If it was the driver, then that is due to their own issues and has nothing to do with the rider. Regardless, they reimbursed me for 10 dollars on my next ride (so the one I was currently on). The ride came up as 10cents. I checked my account, I was charged 5 dollars.

       After the game, we called an Uber to get home... It was taking awhile, so I looked down and he had put into the system that I WAS ALREADY on the trip... I get an email that it charged me 15 dollars!! WTF. 15?! I live in Boston, I was going from Fenway to my APT... it would never cost that much. 
Okay, I am fuming now. 
      And I am an idiot who called for another Uber... I thought "this shit can't happen again" WRONG. They driver cancelled (mind you I was at Fenway which is a pretty monumental place in Boston and should not be hard to find). And yet again, I got another e-mail saying it charged me ten dollars. My blood was pumping fast. I was so pissed. 25 DOLLARS CHARGED AND I WAS STILL AT FENWAY. 

I ended up getting a normal Boston taxi...

I sent about 10 emails to the support team saying I DO NOT WANT THIS MONEY for another ride, I want to be reimbursed because I won't be using Uber again. 
They did reimburse, but still were passive aggressively talking about "if a ride is cancelled blah blah" Okay cool, I didn't cancel it. 

Regardless, we had fun at the game- 

Things on the web.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

So, if I am not working, sleeping or eating.... I am scrolling through the internet finding new blogs, Instagram's, or stalking a friends brothers wife's sister's Facebook. 

Here are some of my current favorite videos/articles/blogs on the web:

When I am hungry, I like to torture myself by going to NYCDINING'S Instagram. DROOL. DYING. AMAZING. How does she stay so skinny? Damn girl. 

“According to The White House, full-time working women earn just 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. That’s some shameful sh*t," the bar’s owner wrote on their website. "So The Way Station is going to do something about it." A pretty awesome read- Discounted drinks for females! 

When I am at work I obsess over my own dogs Instagram, can you believe he is smart enough to use Instagram all on his own? @SampsonTheShepherd

I buy excessive amounts of clothes from this INSANELY cheap online clothing store in China- takes awhile for the clothes to come in, but its worth it when you get like 10 outfits for 100 dollars- AMAZING DEALS!

Hilarious videos get me through the day....
My heart melted.
Nearly choked.

Watching the video of the FSU Quarterback punching that girl made me absolutely sick- Your career is over.

I do need this Pizza Dip in my life... like ASAP. Drooling.

The Daily Horoscope App is accurate as hellllll- Freaky.

Have something funny/interesting/horrifying/weird for me to watch or read... let me know!! 

July 4th festivities.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

         It was a beautiful weekend to celebrate our wonderful country. #USA #USA.
I had nothing really planned, and wanted just to go with the flow. Sidenote: The whole weekend was confusing because I thought that Friday was Saturday and that Saturday was Sunday- which isn't a bad thing, just confusing. You know... when you wake up frantically Sunday thinking its Monday. 
        Anyway, Friday afternoon was so beautiful so we took advantage of the heat and took Sampson on a long walk from the South end all the way to Back Bay. He was dying, but we realized he was 7months old so we went to the Polka Dog Bakery  and got him treats... including a 'pupcake' which he diarrhead out not long after. 

Then laid by the pool to catch some sun before the day was over!

      Friday night, Adam and I went out to dinner with my mom and Lindsey. We hit up Del Frisco's (I need to yelp review this place, if you haven't heard I am not Yelp Elite- I feel cool). The food was great, the drinks were great... but the WAIT. I made a reservation and still had to wait for over 30 minutes for a table. Just don't overbook. It is annoying. 
If you go, definitely try the 'VIP cocktail' it is pineapple infused and delicious. Although more than one of those types of drinks usually upset my stomach because they are very sweet. I got tipsy, and so did Adam- who is SUCH a light weight its hilarious... 2 drinks, thats all it takes... at least he is a cheap date ;). 


      Saturday was low key in the morning since the weather kind of sucked. So we took advantage of the later hours when the sun finally broke through the colds. We drove up to NH, bought a ton of fireworks... stopped at a beach side restaurant ordered A TON of seafood (steamers, lobster) ate allllll of it. They also weren't BYOB like we thought, so we had to buy their expensive, cheap plastic cup of wine- so we decided to sneakily open our bottle for refills. Rebels.

Then on Sunday, after having a panic attack, I decided to head to the Cape since Adam had to work. I went to Chatham to visit my friends Nick and Colin, whom I am sure you have seen on this blog. We spent the day at Nicks house, then went to the Beachcomber in Orleans, which was a blast! And I ate more seafood. I feel like I am good without seafood for awhile. 

It was a successful weekend, but I wouldn't have minded a few more days. 


Monday, June 22, 2015


         I haven't posted a real, nitty gritty, personal post in awhile. Since I have just started getting back into the swing of blogging, I have kept focused on the more fun loving, 'gushy' posts. I don't want to scare away any new followers with my sometimes brass, no limitations type of blog posts. 
        But, between the memorial of Ashley's death (June 14th was the 3rd memorial...) and fathers day, as many of you are aware my dad walked out on my family...(read about it here) my anxiety has been through the roof. 
        I have been on anxiety meds before, way back when I was a senior in high school, but the ones I took changed my personality. I felt slow, like the world was in fast forward motion around me and I was stuck in slow motion. I couldn't keep up. So I stopped taking them, and haven't taken any medication since. 
        I know that I probably should, that I should go talk to a therapist after everything I have been through, and that the right medication would probably help- but my stubborn ass can't seem to accept that. 
        I know I am strong, but for some reason I feel like my strength is only conveyed by my ability to say, "look, I have been through all of this and I don't even need help.." Which is actually pretty weak. 
       So, last night was the third anxiety attack (major, I have minor ones more often) within the last week... and I have decided enough is enough, I need someones guidance. I am ready to seek help. 
       I think I always feared the 'stigma' surrounding mental illness. I would be branded. People would speak of me in more saddened terms... instead of "oh MacKenzie!" it would be "aw, yeah, MacKenzie," with that look of despair. 
      Would I be a let down to those who thought I was so strong and happy through all of my hardship? What about the people who look up to me? How would they feel? But after much thought, and I am telling you I have gone over this for quite some time now, I realize all of these reasonings are for other people. "What would THEY think..." or "what would THEY say," at the end of the day, THEY don't have to deal with the anxiety, I do. 
      I thought I would give you a little insight on how my anxiety attacks make me feel... 
I want to jump out of my own skin. It is this terrible chill running over my body, leaving goosebumps from my head to my toes.  My mind is racing a mile minute as if it is trying to piece together something that has a timer on it, but nothing is matching up and that time is quickly running out. 
     I want to cry, and I try, but nothing comes out- I sit there with this unfortunate crying face, yet my eyes are completely dry. Then the shortness of breath hits me, I cannot for the life of my catch my breath. So, there I am uncomfortable from the chills, unable to contain my thoughts, barely able to take a deep breath. 
     Then my mind starts focusing, but it is focusing on every.single.thing I have ever done 'wrong.' And I mean every little thing from the way I laughed in a situation, to the things I have said. I think of all of the ways I could have changed this 'wrong' scenario, these scenarios consist of ones from the day before all the way back to when I was 14... "well what if I said this instead.." or "what if I didn't open my mouth..." 
     and then my mind goes on to think of the future... but never with a positive outlook, it formulates all of these potential, horrible outcomes. Its the endless "what ifs" 
And even if you are completely exhausted, there is no chance of going to bed. 
And here are those tears that were missing for awhile. 

So to those of you who do not have anxiety, please don't tell me "Just be happy! Just stop over thinking things.." because you have NO. IDEA.

      If you are facing anxiety as well, feel free to reach out to me. I would love to be someone you can talk to because I know it isn't easy. It is not easy for people to understand an illness that isn't visible or leaving you on deaths doorstep. 

That crazy thing called Love.

Monday, June 15, 2015

        I remember begging for 'love' or crying out for attention in my past relationships. I was always putting in the work "please just do this, please just say this." When you begin to feel alone... while in a relationship, it is time to get out.
         I understood all of this once I met Adam, he showed me how you SHOULD feel while dating someone. He gives me love freely, I never have to beg for attention, and he supports me on all of my crazy ideas. He looks at me like I am the best damn thing walking on this earth- and even though I know thats far from the truth- there is a few seconds I actually believe it when our eyes lock. I don't know the definition of love, I don't know why some relationships work while others shit the bed, I can't give you a lesson on how to find the 'perfect' one, all I know is I have found my 'one.' I am so thankful for Ashley because I don't doubt she had some way of bringing us together. 

         I feel like I fall in love with him over and over again. Sometimes its just by the way he kisses me, sometimes its just after a conversation we have had, or sometimes its after we ran around the apartment acting like complete children. On Wednesday I fell in love with him again:

My job is 20 minutes north of the city, I always get stuck in traffic on my way home... this time I didn't mind it. 

I arrived home to the sweetest set up ever- 
I love cheese... and Shrimp... and flowers...and him.
and Sure throw some Hermes in there and I won't be upset.
Then he added in some of his homemade Sangria. He told me he would have to work for most of the weekend so he made it for me and my friends to have while enjoying the pool. 
and I did just what he suggested :)
Sure, love isn't about 'things' or over the top events like Wednesday, its about the fact that he did it to make me happy- that my happiness means that much to him. I love him so much. 

And here is a funny picture to leave you off with- this is how I wake up every morning.....

Life and things I love.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

          It's June… and it is not that warm... WHUT. Usually I would be annoyed with people who complained about how cold it was during winter (I was one of those people)… but then went off about how it was too hot once summer arrived. Well, we don't have to worry about those people because I am currently wearing my fall jacket. 
Okay, okay... on to the life updates: 
I moved into the brand new Ink Block apartments in the South End. It works great because Adam's work is walkable (yup, we moved in together!), and for me, it is right next to the highway, so the commute to my job is easy! 
Plus they are all about pups, they have a dog walking service, a puppy spa and even a tinkle room (yes, it is what you are thinking it is). So it is safe to say Sampson is in love. And the dog walkers make sure to send us pictures everyday after his walk! My face always lights up when I am at work and get a pic of my goofball... with his massive tongue always hanging out of his mouth. 
My one problem is the massive Whole Foods right below me… :/ I am going broke. 
And we have a pool that would be used way more if the New England weather would figure itself out. I did lay out on that one Saturday that was 85 degrees and it was fabulous. 

I am loving the new pad, and I will eventually post some pictures when I take them!
Here is a pic where you can kinda see some of the APT:
yes, Sampson and I love carrots. 

I went to the Boston Calling concert thanks to Margaret and Jack for giving Adam and I two VIP tickets. We also went to Emmets pub in Boston with Jack after the concert! It is weird to be walking down the street and have people snapping pictures of the guy you are with... I didn't think people actually did that, but they do. 
The concert was awesome too, and Tenacious D killed it! 

This most recent Saturday the 8th, I got to go to another Polo Match in Newport, RI. I hadn't gone to one since two years ago, and it was a lot of fun. I swear I had no idea what was going on, and couldn't tell you who won... 

We had Ashley's memorial service this past Sunday the 9th. It was emotional as usual, but it is always easier when you are surrounded by a bunch of great people. Her anniversary is actually on the 14th. 
After we went to Aquitaine with my family and had a great brunch. 

Then we went to my cousins rooftop and I took some kewllll pics, 
And just to end this update post on an amazing note- here are some more pics of Sampson
His ears don't know what they want. `