Blogmas day... I am so late.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


      I was reading some ‘blogmas,’ blog posts recently, which made me upset that I didn’t get myself involved in this from the start (you know,16 days ago... I have always been one to be late to jump on a bandwagon) First of all, participating in this would have allowed for me to blog on a more consistent basis....which I hope would have pleased my readers...unless you are getting sick of me?!, and second, these are some pretty fun/nostalgic type questions! So win-win, accept I lose-lose because I am 17 days late.
      Also, before I hop into the questions, I just opened up some of my ‘Ask’ box, and I feel like an asshole, a few of you had asked that I do ‘vlogmas’ where I film my life, everyday in the month of December- so, to make up for it, I am going to make up ‘vlogsolution’ (so dumb, I know) and film everyday in the month of January as my resolution (screw trying to lose weight, or do better in life- this sounds like a more reasonable resolution)! Mind you, my life probably will lack a lot of excitement, and I am not sure why you guys want me to film it… BUT, for you sistas and brothas, I will. 

       Now, before I digress anymore than I already have, let me introduce to you my very, super, like why am I even doing this?, late contribution to ‘Blogmas 2014’!
      WAIT, one more thing, I was thinking since I reached my 100th post, I could possibly do a giveaway? What do y'all think? Silly question, that is like asking a child if they want a big bowl of ice-cream, ok, let me re phrase- I am going to do a give-away.. so keep your eyes peeled!

Here are the questions: (and, since I am already out of the loop and doing this my own way, I am just going to start at day 17

Question: Christmas in my home country, traditions, pictures...

So, I must be honest, the holidays have definitely become a lot more difficult to bare ever since Ashley passed away. The first year after her death, we pretty much avoided doing anything that brought back the memory of her- it was just too hard to cope, slowly, but surely we have gotten back to our traditional ways. This, like Thanksgiving, will be the first time in 3 years I am not celebrating the holidays in the hospital... 
My favorite thing about this holiday season, goes out to my home city rather than country... which is, living right next to Faneuil Hall, it is so, so beautiful. I can't help but be mezmorized by the absolutely breathtaking decor... it is so christmasy (is that a word? if not, it should be) and I think I may have about 912390 pictures of the decorations on my phone at this point- it never gets old! 

It is so festive around Boston during this time, makes me happy. Also, I have been craving snow! Anyone else?! I feel like that is the cherry on top of Christmas Decor, everything looks that much more beautiful with a little snow flurry, am I wrong? My mom definitely is shaking her head 'yes, yes you are.' 

For traditions, things have stayed pretty consistent for my fam, except I hope hospitals haven't become party of that tradition?! Yikes. 
We usually always spend Christmas Eve together with immediate family, and my sisters and I will exchange gifts that night, and give our gifts to our mother. When I was younger I loved this part of Christmas- getting gifts a day in advance was the best! 
Then, for Christmas Day, we usually have a big breakfast- and then head over to one of my relatives houses for Christmas dinner (which is really lunch because for some reason its a holiday requirement that you must have 'dinner' at 3pm...) We use to have a schedule when I was growing up, one relative would have Thanksgiving, we would have Christmas and another would have Easter, when things in my family got a little chaotic, we backed out of having the gathering. 

This year, I had the cutest pre-xmas dinner! My sistaaa, and roommate, Mai, put together a Christmas dinner! Girl went all out, and it was amazing! We had decorated the apartment a week in advance with lights and such, so for the party she decorated the table, made an immaculate dinner, all the fixings included, and it was so much fun! She also made this punch that was un-real, dangerously good. 
This is what our apartment looked like after our decorating, (I never said I was Martha Stewart, ok..) 

And this is the amazing dinner party decor:

 I unfortunately can't find any pictures from past Christmas's, but I can show you some of the cute decorations my mom does every year!

So, that about sums up my holiday traditions! What are some of your traditions? Are you doing 'Blogmas'? If so, leave your link below so I can check it out!

Re-Launch of Les Zygomates!

Monday, December 8, 2014


      As most of you know, I absolutely love dining out… if I could travel to every restaurant in every city in the United States (and get paid to do so, I am looking at you Anthony Bourdain), I would in a heart beat (although my judging scale would probably depend on the french fry selection on the menu, 'cause you know I love me some french fries)… So, when I was invited to the grand re-opening of Les Zygomates, I was all in!
       Before attending this relaunch I wanted to learn a little more about this well known restaurant. I had heard about it through the grapevine, and all of what I heard had been positive, so no surprise that my research only solidified that! Les Zygomates is a town favorite! People just love being there, the atmosphere, the food, the friendly faces, so much so, that their list of regulars is pretty high. Their french cuisine, which is paired perfectly with the amazing wine selection (I was sold the minute I heard wine), and the sounds of jazz comforting you while you eat, this place had it all. So, when the idea of a redesign came into motion, they knew it it would only shoot Les Zygomates off the charts. 

      For the redesign process they brought in Travis ‘Tbone’ Talbot, who is known all around Boston as the concept extraordinaire when it comes to restaurant designs. Travis has not only designed Les Zygomates, but also the sister restaurant located right next store, Bel Ari, Bostonia Public House, Granary Tavern,  and a new restaurant, Copper Smith 1894 opening in the Summer of 2015.
       When Travis shared his own ideas of how to make Les Zygomates the best possible version of itself, Mark Tosi and Anthony Botta the owners, knew he was the perfect man for the job. They three of them understood the importance of maintaining the integrity of Les Zygomates by not altering the decor so drastically (as they say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it), but knowing just what to do to make some contemporary changes that give it the boost it needed. I like to think of it as botox, no one said you were unfortunate looking, it just never hurt anyone to get rid of those wrinkles and crows feet.... 

       But let me tell you, walking into that restaurant was just what I had expected, perfection. Well done Travis and the design team, you did it, again! The ambiance was perfectly fitting with the jazz music and contemporary styles. Some of the paintings on the wall caught my eye as they were so intriguing. The whole vibe of the restaurant perfectly encapsulates what I believe a jazz club located in Paris would be like. A little sultry with the dim lighting, countered by the stimulating decor. It definitely lived up to it's expectations. It was just the right amount of contemporary, but not too modern that you felt like you were in some futuristic scene of a movie. 
     The whole night was great. I loved looking at all the paintings and the obviously well thought out decor, I spent some (a lot) of time near the bar closest to where the band was performing (the restaurant is a U shape, you walk in and there is the first bar in eyes view, and then you walk around to the other side of the restaurant where there is a second bar closest to the band, the more the merrier I always say...especially when it comes to bars). I absolutely love how spacious the restaurant is! The band was performing in an alcove that was lifted high off the ground so it wasn't leveled with the dining tables, allowing for whoever is performing to overlook the entire restaurant... This was a great move. I mean, I love live music, but I draw a fine line between enjoying dinner with comforting live music, and live music that is basically on top of your table preventing you from conversing with the person next to you. Les Zygomates got it just right!
     Between the two bar rooms, is a private room with two grand doors, and inside of this room was my favorite part (aside from the wine and decor, apparently I have a lot of favorites)... the food! There was a spread of meats and cheeses, you can never go wrong with meats and cheeses!! It was absolutely delicious and I lost count of how many times I went up for more... (that could have been from the wine though) Bravo Chef Robert Fathman you did good!
     I absolutely urge all of my readers to go check this place out! It is located on South Street in Boston, you won't be disappointed... and if I can suggest trying out the Pan Roasted Duck Breast with lentil salad, rhubarb compote, and maple glazed baby turnips.... are you drooling yet?

Now here are some pictures, since I know you are over hearing me ramble!

So thankful.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

           There is so much to be thankful for. So much. The last three years I have celebrated Thanksgiving in the hospital. I had gotten use to that place becoming more of a home than my actual home. I had expected for our ‘big Thanksgiving’ dinner to take place at one of the cold hospital tables in Mass Generals cafeteria. Spending most of the night hoping that my sister would make it through without any hiccups. So, with all the being said, health is what I am most happy for today. I am here. I have one kidney, and the kidney that left my body to save Lindsey, its working great. No. Hospital. In. Sight. The word hospital didn’t even come out of my mouth (accept when I did a cheers… that this Thanksgiving was with family and not in the hospital).

I am thankful for the good, excuse me... amazing friends I have- my best friends are not in the same state as me currently, but I am beyond thankful for their presence in my life. They have helped me/ supported me/ kicked my ass into gear when needed. They have also shined through when the negative reality of other relationships have become clear.

I am thankful to be alive, and thankful to have had my sister alive for the time she did. I will always be so thankful for her time in my life, for the person she made me.

Family, of course. They are wonderful, and the holidays would be no where near enjoyable without them.

For a special person who walked into my life at the perfect time, and continues to express how much he cares about me on daily basis.

I am thankful for feeling so at ease about life- have you ever just felt so happy with everything, for no particular reason… it just is. 

Here are some of my thanksgiving pictures (I pretty much sucked at documenting this day...

So here are the things I am thankful for that are silly and materialistic.


I am actually sitting in my robe currently... if it was socially acceptable to wear in public, I would rock this bad boy errrrryday. 

The 'Scandal Eyes' rimmel mascara

It has bad reviews online- but I swear my eye lashes have never felt so voluminous!

Hulu Plus!

I hate TV, so I only catch up with my shows via hulu plus! Its a life saver.

The Holiday Feeling

I mean... tell me this doesn't just SCREAM Christmas!

This idea

I am not much into DIY projects, but like.... come on. 

What are you guys most thankful for?!

The Frenemy.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

       This is an extremely personal post- which I suppose many of mine are, but the things most people consider personal (my families story) have been all over the news/news papers, been written about in a book- they are things that I don't consider that personal... this topic however, this is something I've barely spoken about to even some of my closest friends. My eating disorder. Even coming out and saying that sentence is incredibly hard, I have heard other people say it, I've heard doctors say it... but I have barely heard myself use that word to explain my issue. I can pin point when it started, I can understand why it spiraled, but I still cant grasp the fact that it was something I had faced, and still continue to deal with on a daily basis. Let me go back
         My first semester at Auburn, Ashley had just been told she needed a redo double lung transplant... At this time, I was of course upset, but I had come to believe that things would work out... things like that always seemed to have a way of working out in our family. Despite Ashley's condition, I was having the time of my life during my first semester at Auburn. I did not have a meal plan, and therefore my meals were normal, but less often then the ten meals a day I had while attending Suffolk... that's when I noticed the weight loss. I didn't mind it at all, and that's all it took for the control to be switched from my hands into the hands of the disorder. 
        I went back home for the benefit thrown for Ashley in February, that is when the comments were pouring in "wow, you look GREAT!" "You have lost some weight, huh?" "you look beautiful!"... because sadly in today's society, weight loss and beauty go hand in hand. I smiled at these comments- feeling like I was on top of the world. I went back to Auburn after the benefit, and those comments resonated with me. My eating disorder began manifesting itself... the calorie counting and restrictive eating started right away. If I looked that good having lost 10 pounds, imagine what another 10 would do... and from the outside looking in, because I wasn't completely gaunt, this weight loss seemed innocent. After all, I was doing what everyone and their mothers was doing- just trying to lose 'some' weight. Hell, look at the magazines- apparently if you aren't trying to lose weight, and you actually love yourself, you are doing something wrong.
         After awhile, the weight loss hit a plateu. Ashley's condition worsened, and instead of allowing my brain to accept that, I instead searched for alternative ways to drop more weight. That is when the purging began. I never binge ate, I just purged anything I swallowed. It is incredibly hard for me to type these words, I can't believe I had gotten so low that it got to this point. I would eat a salad for dinner, and without question would lock myself in the bathroom for twenty minutes to get up as much of it as I could. I was disgusted with myself. But my wishes came true, and the weight fell off.
        That Summer Ashley passed away. I was strong in the sense that I didn't allow my emotions to get the better of me (I didn't lock myself away from the world... I didn't curl up in a ball crying until days end), but that was mainly due to the fact that I focused every ounce of energy on loosing weight. I refused to eat meals, if I did, I would end up purging whatever it is I ate. It consumed me, it was a monster that concealed itself as a friend that was only there to better me. Something that was making me 'beautiful,' keeping me 'motivated'... and allowing me to not think about Ashley's death (which is why I believed it was something so positive). It was my one true confidant at the time. I didn't realize how warped I was. I didn't realize I was gambling with the devil. 
        The comments about my weight had quickly transitioned from... "beautiful" to... "wow, are you okay?" but between Ashley's death and Lindsey needing a kidney- people avoided taking it as something serious. Another issue added to the list of things going wrong in my family, God forbid. So I kept falling down the rabbit hole. The heart palpitations, the hair loss, being exhausted but unable to fall asleep, the list of things was endless. I fainted more times than I can count. And soon enough it was time to head back to Auburn. By this time, Ashley was dead, Lindsey was desperate for a new kidney, and my relationship with my boyfriend had ended badly- so I was going back to Auburn alone, well, alone with my eating disorder. As much as I told myself things needed to change, my ED was stronger, louder, more daunting. Without anyone around in Auburn- things continued. 
          This time at Auburn had more time to focus on the weight loss (I wasn't with my boyfriend, or in and out of the hospital with Lindsey, I no longer was surrounded by family and friends), and this made my eating disorder ecstatic, it was time for it to thrive. I methodically planned out EVERY.SINGLE. THING. I. PUT. INTO. MY. MOUTH. anything that went against that plan, it was in the toilet. No matter how much I threw up, I still felt like there was food in my stomach and it made me cry for hours. How could I have failed so much? I decided to join a gym, with all my new found free time it seemed like the only thing that made sense. I would go in at 8pm (hoping to avoid a cluster of people) and stay until until 3am. I had to burn at least 1000 calories before exiting that place in order to appease ED. I remember walking in one night and the trainer stopped me, he said "why are you even here?" Of course, without realizing he was trying to help... I got defensive, spitting out "well I am here the same reason everyone else is..." rolling my eyes and walking past him, straight towards the thing that was killing me, the treadmill. Fuck him, I thought. And things just got worse. I ended up fainting at the gym, I was brought to the hospital, where the doctors made me aware of how damaging I was being towards my body...yet still I refused help. 
        It took me awhile to realize that this was killing me, that this thing I thought I had CONTROL of, truly had me as its own puppet. It took me a long, long while to understand that this was a destructive path, that there was way more to life than the food I ate, or being the skinniest person around. And the mere thought that "I wasn't skinny enough to get help" is proof enough that I needed help. I am sure there were better 'anorexics' than me, but then again, I am sure they are the ones that are dead, because that is the reality of the this disorder... it kills. 
        I knew if I wanted to give a kidney to my sister, I had to attempt to beat this disease- so I tried, I did everything I could to fight the screams in my head that told me I was worthless with every morsel of food I put into my mouth. I can tell you that today I am no where near completely healed, nor do I think I will even be completely removed from my eating disorder. I can however say, that with the support of the ones I love, things have gotten much better and I was able to donate my own kidney to my sister in January 2014. I healed my body enough to the point where my levels got back to where they should for someone of my age and height. 
        Eating disorders have a terrible stigma, people are embarrassed by them so therefore avoid talking about them- but I am here to fight that. It is a mental illness... and it should be treated as one. This isn't something someone is able to control, quite the contrary, it rips every ounce of control away from you.  An eating disorder has nothing to do with attention, glamor or boredom. This disease has been the most painful, debilitating thing I have ever... and I mean EVER dealt with in my entire life. I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. It is like fighting with yourself about breathing, something vital for survival. Hating yourself for doing something NECESSARY to continue living. This isn't about beauty, your rib cage, face in the toilet, thinning hair and gaunt face, what about that says beauty? Unable to sit down in a chair long enough because your tail bone aches of pain. Loosing friendships and relationships because NOTHING else matters other than loosing weight. Going out to eat? Ha, try sitting and crying for hours on end about how this one meal is going to 'ruin' all of your hard work, and understanding full well that eating that one meal is going to cause a complete storm in your mind. Making up insane rules like eating only at certain times, and eating outside of those designated times will cause complete destruction of your mind. So please, please understand, this isn't something someone does for attention. This isn't a choice. NO ONE would choose this. It absolutely pains me when people doubt it as a mental illness. I was strong enough to fight it, and still do everyday, but some people need extra help. Never cast judgement.
         The reason I decided to make this post today was due to the slew of images I just went through on my photobooth. I use to 'body check' everyday when I was in the pit of my eating disorder. This process is me taking pictures, at different angles, to make sure that I was still 'thin' or that my bones were still protruding. Its sick. But I remember looking back at these photos when I first took them, and thinking 'I still have such a long time to go before being 'skinny enough.' And that right there, that is the trick of an eating disorder... it will never BE enough. As I looked through those pictures today, I was in awe- my illness screamed at me through the computer,  and looking at them, the feelings rushing through my body were so much different than that of a year ago. I am proud I can now look at those as sickly... and I am proud to say I deleted them. I struggle everyday, but I have refused to allow myself to sink, and that is an accomplishment to me. I hope some people reading this can learn from my story, or if you are facing something similar, I hope this gives you hope that things can get better.

Warning, the below pictures (from the depths of my disorder) may be GRAPHIC, but they are intended to show the real, and gruesome truth about this disorder it is not pretty: 

And here are pictures of me fighting... and more importantly, living. 

Misfortunes of MacKenzie- Take 5.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


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        You all thought I had given up my blogging, didn't you? Tsk, Tsk... such little faith! Ha, I kid... I suck at time management. 
        But today I bring you another Misfortunes... to welcome me back into the blogging world I thought laughing at my own mishaps was an appropriate way to ask for my readers forgiveness for lack of updates.
        For starters, has anyone else noticed that it has been raining an obscene amount as of late? I have begun to expect the cloudy/rainy/miserable weather every morning as opposed to sunshine. 
       I had class one morning when it was down pouring- and I mean, the sky was pretty much falling. I know I have been known to exaggerate, but I swear this was pretty awful. I woke up and had two choices (mom, skip this part) I could not move from bed because rain... or I could conjure up the 'courage' and be an adult, trek through the rain and go gain so much knowledge in class (note: sarcasm). MIND YOU, Mai and I at this point had zero umbrellas... (cue complaints about my hair getting ruined, and noooo my makeupppp, it will runnnnnn). I threw both of those options out the window, I turned into a straight up die-va, I called Uber. I realized I wasn't walking but I also COULDN'T miss this class- it was an important one. Uber showed up, I got in... he didn't say much, just asked me to put in the destination address on the Uber app (which is a new thing because I never had to do this before..) so I did. Temple Place, Boston Ma, I didn't pay attention to the zip code because it said Boston, Ma... I just assumed it was right (I know, I know, when you assume it makes an ass out of U and Me...) This ride should be, AT MOST, 5 minutes.
      There I am just sitting in the back seat as the rain pours down harshly against the windshield, trying hard to keep warm in my massive michelin man jacket. I look up and  realize we are now on the highway (remember, this class is literally five minutes from my APT). My class starts at 10.. it was about 9:45. I speak up, "wait, I am confused why are we on the highway?" to which he replies, "well aren't you going to Roslindale?" HUH? I don't even know where that place is?! And the app definitely said 'BOSTON, MA'.. so I said just that, to which he responded, "but the zip code is for Roslindale..." I didn't understand this because why would it say Boston, Ma as the city- regardless, we were going the wrong way and I was gonna be LATE... and what happens next was the icing on the cake. Oh you know, the sun shines brighter than it had in months. Rainbows and shit flying in the sky. I am now melting in my michelin jacket... stuck in traffic in my pretentious Uber ride to get to my five minute class because God Forbid I walk in rain.. (KARMA!!)  My anxiety is THROUGH the roof as I watch the clock. It was now 953, I am getting annoyed, asking him if there is anyway we can go around this traffic to get back into the city. I told him I needed to get to the state house (I tried giving him the address but he was all "can you direct me." DUDE I  could get lost in a paper bag). He told me he knew how to get to the state house (wrong... and this is why I have major trust issues, thanks Uber!) We got lost for another 10 minutes, he is blaming me for telling him the wrong directions (if I am not mistaken sir, this is YOUR JOB.. now I am curious what the requirements are in order to become an Uber driver...). 
       We get close enough, I finally just tell him to stop... I get out and run to class. I am so against running in any scenario.. you are about to miss a bus? miss it. You forgot something in the car that is now driving away... get it later.. but I think all the adrenaline in me just made my legs go (and it was a half ass run, so don't laugh too much). I was 30 minutes late... the classroom door was locked, I had to bang on it for them to open..... yikes, embarrassing. As I finally take my seat, I get the Uber alert regarding my bill....22 DOLLARS...TWENTY TWO DOLLARS............k. 


Monday, October 20, 2014


      I feel like I am beginning to sound like a broken record, my weekend was quite uneventful. I feel like that comes with the whole 'growing up' territory. I remember my weekends (or remember trying to put them together the next day) being filled with clubs, bars, and pre games... now they are filled with school work, work work, and oh that other job too... and in between that, sleep. Which is now making sense as to why having two glasses of wine makes me feel 'happy.' YIKES WHEN DID I GET OLD? Don't answer that, I still look like I am 17 so maybe I should start wearing jean skirts and uggs again to make it more believable... no, even I am not that desperate. 
So this is my weekend of uneventfulness
Friday I had a midterm- which I thought I did terrible on, but come to find out I Aced it, so I needed to add that into the post so I could brag. #sorrynotsorry
I worked late Friday night, and then came back to my APT, changed out of my work attire, and headed to a bar to meet some friends for a glass of wine, after the one glass, I called it a night and walked back to my apt. 
Saturday, I slept in a bit. Got up and ran some errands, I love living right near downtown crossing because I can hit up the Marshalls/Tj MAXX/H&M all the time. I bought some cute clothes, none of which I have pictures of... I suck at blogging tonight. Then I headed to work, where I worked until about 1030pm.
After work, I headed to bar for Lindsey's birthday, had two glasses of wine- chatted a bit, and took a selfie because... well, because I am vain. Also took an 'artsy' picture in the elevator of my APT complex to show off my outfit- which really wasn't much to show off. I feel like I am being quite self deprecating right now... but I NEED pictures to add to this post so it isn't terribly boring for you guys!! 

SUNDAY! Still uneventful things happening, but at least a little more exciting than the prior two days. I woke up, showered, yah know.. the usual, and then my mom came into the city to grab lunch with me! It has been hot minute since we have done one of our lunch dates, so it was nice to catch up. With her schedule and my schedule, we find it difficult staying in the loop with each others lives. We also wanted to take this time to look for a gift for Lindsey's birthday! 
Side note: Have any of you been to Sip? I love it!! The Sushi is delicious, and it is fusion... so we also got the 'edamole dip' which is some sort of guac/hummus concoction. I have gotten flatbreads there before as well.. definitely check it out! The fall/apple inspired sangria is delicious. I had two, and ended up walking out of the restaurant without my purse and sunglasses, walked back in and the waiter said "so the Sangria was good?" UGH. 

Then I worked Sunday night until 10... 

How was y'alls weekend? More eventful than mine?


Monday, October 13, 2014

     You know when you have so much to do… like, literally (can't even) a litany of things that NEED to get done… so you make the adult decision to click snooze on your alarm, and then proceed to binge watch your favorite television shows once you finally wake up? That is exactly where I am at right now! I have… and yet, I am finding myself doing EVERYTHING but what needs to be done. Its a slippery slope, a downward spiral if you will, once you push that thing off… you just keep pushing it back further and further to where your mind puts a block up every time it tries to remind you of all the things you need to get done. So, I decided to find things, or steps for lack of a better word, that push me to get all the things on my to-do list, checked off!! 
Also, my horoscope for the last few days has been pretty much calling me out on my B.S (it's so on point, not sure if y’all believe in allll dat, but if you do download the daily horoscope app!!!)

So here are some things that help me get back into the swing of things,
1. Find a reward... this sounds like the fat kid in me, but whenever I have a lot of studying/or a project to get completed, I promise myself the best/most delicious french fries in the world once said project is completed! I am a die hard fry fan! 
2. Find inspiration... I am not sure if you are religious/spiritual, but whenever I am looking for more focus, I step away from what needs to be done and talk to Ash. Probably sounds weird, and maybe I am lil crazy, but it definitely helps my mind get back on track. 
3. Fear... seriously, sometimes I freak myself out (which is terrible for my already annoying anxiety) that if I don't finish what needs to be done, I will be letting SO many people down- and I have an immense fear of letting people down, so that gets my ass in gear. 
4. Which leads me to the next tip, commit publicly... tell everyone your plan/what needs to be done and when it will be done, NOBODY likes to look bad in front of others.
5. Shut your internet off... if you are trying to study from notes/books, you don't needs the internet for at least an hour.. so just BE THE BIGGER PERSON AND SHUT IT DOWN. (ps, sadly this is the hardest thing for me... ahhhh our generations dependence on technology). 
6. Start off small.. do the easier things first, once you have completed some smaller tasks, you will feel more motivated to reach for the bigger ones. 
7. Say bye-bye to Hulu Plus, Netflix, tumblr, twitter, facebook, and whatever other website you roam between reading the sentences from your textbook. 
8. Think about the good that will come from finishing your tasks instead of how annoying it is to actually take part in these tasks... I much prefer going to bed knowing that I just worked my butt off to get stuff done, then going to bed with the daunting fact that I still have so much to get done!
9. Stop saying "i'll do it tomorrow," cause you know tomorrow is going to come and you are going to say the SAME exact thing!!! 
10. Don't shut down... if you are doing your work and you can feel yourself getting frustrated/ ready to give up, take a walk, make some tea/coffee, and come back to your work in 15 minutes. 

Okay, so those are some things I do to help me get the things I need to get done, done. What do you guys do?